What lull after the Christmas hustle and bustle?

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We’ve made the transition from our 'Christmas Winter Wonderland' back to the traditional Home Décor feel at Jentrie. We moved out 19 lush green Christmas trees to make room for a different shade of green. Besides getting the website launched for your online shopping convenience, Jentrie has been busy setting both stores with the latest trends of greenery, hard goods, enamel ware and all other staples we know you love. Lots of you have commented that we’re probably enjoying a little “lull” now that the holiday season is over. While it always feels like I can “breathe” once December 31st gets here that never seems to be the case. In order to keep things fresh and inviting, it requires a quick transition from Holiday décor to non-seasonal and everyday décor for all of our Jentrie customers. Many of our customers received gift certificates over the holidays and they’re itching to use them in the store! However, the majority of them are done buying Holiday décor and are wanting to freshen up their winter home décor or get set for spring. We want to accommodate them and the only way to do that is to have the merchandise on hand and ready to set as soon as possible. The stores have had total resets and feel “new” all over again. We have a wide variety of splendid décor that’s now on the floor.
Did I mention that we’re headed to Market this week? Follow our social media outlets cause we’ll be sharing live updates from the 2020 Jentrie Atlanta Market Adventures.
Also, don’t forget to visit our website at jentrie.com to take advantage of convenient shopping all from the comfort of your own home. Use code 'LOCAL' if you are in town and want to pick up your goodies at the Concordia location.
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