About Us

Buffalo Plaid ChairWhen Jentrie was originally created it was going to be broader than just “A Unique Home Décor Store”.

After I graduated college I worked in a privately owned home interior design firm in Olathe, KS. I gained valuable knowledge from the owner and other designers that I would eventually put to good use in my own future endeavors. While I was happy with what I was doing, I was also concerned that I was letting an opportunity slip past me by not utilizing the Graphics Design Degree that I had obtained. I decided to enter the “corporate world” and landed a position with a Fortune 500 company that opened my eyes to a whole new universe. I reached the management level at the same time the trend for consolidations and mergers were gaining in popularity. Our division was being transferred out of state and I declined the offer to relocate.

So in the meantime, I accepted the position as an adjunct professor at a nearby college for a couple of semesters when the Jentrie door started to creep open. I had taken a wreath class with a friend and really enjoyed it. I started to make a few for my family and then I had people asking for them and started selling a few. Around this same time, a local organization in our town was sponsoring a Holiday craft fair so my friend and I decided to make some wreaths and see if they’d sell. We sold the majority of our inventory and was tickled with our meager success.
When spring rolled around there was another craft fair scheduled which I made wreath inventory for. Unfortunately, it was canceled and I had a basement full of wreaths. As fate would have it, I went to the post office later that day and noticed a sign in a window on Main Street that said “Building for Rent”. My husband and I looked at it on a Wednesday and Jentrie unofficially opened that Saturday. Little did we know what that decision to rent that building would lead to. Within a short time we were transforming our building to an inviting place for people to shop for unique home décor and gifts. It wasn’t easy, with help from our family we ripped out carpet, moved walls, refinished the hardwood floors and stocked the shelves for an adventure of a lifetime.
The official Jentrie Grand Opening was August 29th, 2015. Since that time we have expanded our product lines as well as our inventory to match our growing business. Jentrie took another significant step for future growth by opening a second location in Higginsville, MO on July 28th, 2018. This allowed us to service a bigger area and continue our trend of increasing inventory and selection for our customers. Fast forward to March of 2019 when we made the biggest leap yet in solidifying the future of Jentrie by purchasing a new location that offers us 6 times the space as our existing Concordia store. Our new location will offer more area to browse and shop, a creative space and a customer courtesy lounge that will enhance the shopping experience. 
So the path that led to Jentrie had some detours along the way but in the end we’ve arrived at our destination. We’re glad you’ve taken the time to discover the history of Jentrie and look forward to going down the future path with us.
Jen Lovercamp